Board Of Commissioners

PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk (JIHD)

The main duties and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners is supervisory in nature. It oversees the works of the Board of Directors by monitoring and ensuring the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, business plans and strategies as determined and approved by the Board of Directors.

Detail of the Board of Commissioners’ duties and responsibilities are as follow:

  1. Reviewing and supervising the Board of Directors’ policies in operating the Company’s business activity, including control, advice and dismissal of Board of Directors’ members;
  2. Assesing and managing Company’s business risks and the management action in carrying out internal control;
  3. Supervising and implementing GCG within Company’s business activity;
  4. Providing advice to the Board of Directors concerning the Board’s duties and responsibilities;
  5. Providing feedback and recommendation on proposals of Company’s strategic plan submitted by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Commissioners is not allowed to be involved in decision making process of the Company’s operations. The decision made by the Board in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association and applicable regulations is done within its function as supervisor, and thus leaving the matters of operational decisions only to Directors.