Corporate Social Safety Responsibility

Commitment and Efforts

The commitment and efforts of JIHD in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals are always comprehensively understood and implemented, so that JIHD’s benefits can be felt by all stakeholders. JIHD’s business activities are not only focused on achieving economic aspects, i.e. not only generating revenue and pursuing profits, but also on achieving its contribution to the sustainability of social and environmental aspects.

In realizing this goal, JIHD seeks to optimize added value for all interests, both internal and external, in every business activity carried out along its business chain. Based on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, JIHD carries out fair and ethical human resource management principles and practices, responsible for environmental sustainability, spreading benefits to the community, maintaining loyalty and providing excellent service to customers, and maintaining shareholder trust.


JIHD always implements compliance with applicable environmental standards, as well as implementing best environmental practices. Programs related to the environment are focused on environmentally sound business practices, increasing the efficiency of business activities carried out, and suppressing negative impacts on the environment resulting from operations.

In business operations, business practices that pollute the environment are avoided, and disrupt the existence of the community because the surrounding environment is polluted. Environmental impact management is carried out in an integrated manner, starting from prevention, handling, control, fulfillment, to preservation. JIHD believes that a balanced business process with sustainable principles will enable the company to achieve growth in harmony with better environmental quality in the future.

Employment, Occupational Safety and Health

The Human Resources for JIHD is part of a strategic partner as well as a very important capital in achieving the company’s business goals and growth in a sustainable manner in the long term. JIHD strives to manage and develop employees well by creating a healthy and safe working environment, providing work protection so as to improve the productivity and quality of employee performance.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the company is very important in supporting the success of business activities. The management of OHS aspects is JIHD’s priority in creating a safe and comfortable working environment for employees. JIHD’s target is zero incident, zero fatality and zero occupational disease.

Social and Community Development

The existence and success of JIHD since 1969 until today cannot be separated from the mutualistic relationship with the community as part of the stakeholders. The relationship with the community on one hand is as users of products and services, which must always be maintained loyalty satisfaction with the best products and excellent service, for the continuity of revenue generation of the JIHD and its Subsidiaries.

JIHD always aligns its presence and business activities with the socio-economic conditions that occur in the community. And also cares about what happens in the surrounding community. JIHD implements it with social care programs, which can prevent social problems, as well as to empower the community to be more independent and prosperous.

Product and/or Service Liability

The position of customers for JIHD is very important as business partners in a reciprocal relationship for mutual benefit. Their existence and acceptance of JIHD’s products and services are very meaningful, helping to determine the sustainability and continuity of the company in the future.

JIHD is committed to providing the best products and excellent service to its customers. JIHD’s commitment in providing the best and equal service quality to customers is carried out by constantly reviewing the quality of facilities owned periodically, optimizing services, and developing product and service innovations.

JIHD wants its business existence to provide opportunities for all parties to grow together by creating economic value. JIHD establishes harmonious and synergistic partnership relationships with suppliers to support the continuity of the supply chain while supporting smooth operations.