Code Of Conduct

PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk (JIHD)

The Company is committed to implement the standard code of conduct within business activities, internally or externally. The standard of corporate code of conduct reflected the highest values that the Company held as guidance in conducting business. The said code of conduct is well-reflected within the principles of Good Corporate Governance or the prevailing norms in the society.

The Company has set up the basic ethical behavior, which upholds the values of business ethics. This commitment and ethics of the Company are contained in the manual of Code of Conduct.

In accordance with healthy business competition, the Company fully realized that the anti-monopoly laws and unhealthy competition in Indonesia are strongly prohibit any act or cooperation that may discourage or eliminate competition and thus creating monopoly, promoting misconduct like manipulation so as to distort the market perception and affect the market position of the business.There is no tolerance for any activity within the Company’s business that does not respect or violate government laws and regulations. Therefore, the Company avoids any form of domination on market, price and others that may lead to practical of monopoly, price discrimation, conspiracy and any form of unhealthy business practice that oppose the healthy competition.

The Company forbids any business activity conducted through the wrongdoing of business deals that contains hidden agenda in any form of agreement explicitly or implicitly, formally or informally with any competitors, suppliers or other parties associated with price, payment terms, sales, distribution as well as specific areas and customers.

The Company’s Board of Directors encourages the management as well as all employees to remain consistent in implementing the business ethics in all operational activities.