Corporate Secretary

PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk (JIHD)

Corporate Secretary is the liaison officer between the Company and the parties doing business with us, which includes all shareholders and stakeholders. Moreover, The Corporate Secretary’s function involves supporting and maintaining Company records and documents in compliance with good corporate governance. Since October 26, 2020, Lanny Pujilestari Liga was appointed as Corporate Secretary in accordance with decision of the Boards of Directors No. 075/Dir/JIHD/X/2020.

The Implementation of Duties and Responsibilities of Corporate Secretary
The Corporate Secretary is responsible to assist the Company in planning and implementing good corporate governance within the Company.

The detail of duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary are as follow:

  1. Following the development of the Capital Market, especially the prevailing regulations in Capital Market;
  2. Providing input to Board of Directors and Commissioners to comply with laws and regulations of Limited Liability Company as well as Capital Market;
  3. As a liaison officer of the Company with its stakeholders, such as Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), analysts and investors;
  4. Facilitating to arrange General Meetings of Shareholders and Public Expose;
  5. Assist to update information availability in Company’s website;
  6. Attending meetings of Board of Commissioners, Directors and others as well as taking the minutes of meeting;
  7. Assist the Board of Directors in preparation of Company’s Annual Report;
  8. Providing feedback on statements or comments from OJK and IDX regarding Annual Report.