Audit Committee

PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk (JIHD)

The establishment of Audit Committee is based on Regulation No. IX.I.5, attachement of Decision of Chairman of Capital Market Supervisory Agency number: Kep-29/PM/2004, dated 24 September 2004 regarding Audit Committee Establishment and Work Implementation Guidelines.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Company’s Audit Committee has duties and responsibilities to:

  1. Review any financial information that will be published by the Company such as financial statement, financial information and projection;
  2. Review the Company’s compliance on existing rules and regulations in capital market as well as other regulations that related with Company’s activities;
  3. Report to the Commissioners regarding any risk that the Company has to face and the implementation of risk management by the Board of Directors;
  4. Review and report any complaint to Board of Commissioners related to Company; and
  5. Maintain confidentiality of document, data, and any essential Company information.